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Flexural rubber joint for condensing pump in thermal power p

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Condensing pump is used for condensate water and other liquids similar to condensate in thermal power plants. This pump has good suction performance. 100N130 and 150N1 10 pumps can transport liquids within 120 degrees, and the temperature of other pumps can not exceed 80 degrees. 100N130 and 150N1 10 type pump respectively in the stuffing box and the packing gland at the factory after the cooling water pump to drain.
Condensing pumps are suitable for power plants to pump condensate in condensers and 750 ~ 3000kW turbogenerator to pump condensate or other liquids of physical and chemical properties similar to water. The temperature of the liquid does not exceed 80 degrees C. The inlet pressure of the pump is not higher than 0.6MPa.
Single stage: the main part has silicon brass 80-3 cast impeller through key fixed by No. 45 high quality carbon shaft, impeller installed in the pump body made by wear-resistant cast iron HT20-40 and pump cover in the pump studio, the power machine drives the shaft and impeller in the bearing through the coupling, the pump works and the wear cast iron HT20-40 shaft is made. The function of a sliding bearing with water lubrication between the sleeve and the bushing (6N6 and 4N6X2) is filled with packing ring in the filling letter after the pump, and the filler oil soaked in graphite asbestos rope, the opening packing is pressed. The three Chang pump presses the packing with the lengthened double head bolt, and the tightness can be adjusted, and the external introduction of the sealing water above the atmospheric pressure is introduced, through connection. The pipe is aimed at the packing ring, and in the whole packing letter, the sealed chamber of the isolated air into the pump is formed, and the water from the pump is prevented from flowing out of the pump, and only a small amount of water is dripping out. A balance hole is opened on the impeller so that the high pressure area is communicated with the imported low pressure area to eliminate the axial thrust. In order to prevent the wear pump body and the pump cover, the seal ring is installed on the pump body and the pump cover. The upper part of the pump body is equipped with a silk hole to be used for air release, and the water in the pump is released from the hole in the pump for the sake of the square. The dismantling of the pump body and the pump cover is equipped with a cap screw (lid and body), and the inlet and outlet are all equipped with pressure measuring holes.
The flexible rubber joint is also called the seismic larynx, the soft joint, the rubber soft connection, the pipe shock absorber and so on. It is commonly used in civil building water supply and drainage engineering, pipeline undertaking of fire network pump unit, connection of sewage treatment pipeline, high pressure gas and liquid chemical medium transportation, oil, ship and so on. It is the most commonly used rubber joint for pipe fittings in the world today. It has the advantages of reducing pipeline noise, good sealing performance, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, and long service life.
Flexible rubber joint price advantage:
To control the cost of purchasing and reduce the cost of production; to form the competition between the quality and the price of the supplier to guarantee the effective control of the purchase cost, in line with the principle of "thin profit and multi sale", the increase of the production volume of the enterprise and the improvement of the utilization of the equipment effectively control the cost from the other side.
Quality advantage:
Songjiang group attaches great importance to the quality of products, and requires all staff to firmly establish the idea of quality first, to be responsible for the quality of the product consistently, and to improve the satisfactory products and services for the customers.
The meaning of the quality policy:
Scientific quality management is a comprehensive management of all aspects by scientific management means.
Exquisite industrial products -- set up fine quality consciousness, make beautiful products, satisfy the needs of high-end customers.
Good brand effect is to enhance brand awareness and national brand through high-quality products and excellent service.
High quality after-sales service -- to provide users with 7 x 24 quality service, to ensure quick and timely solutions to various problems for customers.

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