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Selection of DN150 flexure rubber joint for pipeline equipme

2018-04-14 16:13      click:
DN150 flexible rubber joint for pipeline booster pump.
Pipeline is a device used to transport gas, liquid or solid particles with pipes, pipes and fittings, pumps and valves. Because of its unique characteristics, pipelines are widely applied in many industries and fields. Pipes are widely used, mainly in water supply, drainage, heating, gas supply, long distance transportation of oil and gas, agricultural irrigation, hydraulic engineering and various industrial installations.
application area
Because of its unique characteristics, pipelines are widely applied in many industries and fields.
Application field of ultra-high polymer polyethylene pipe:
Transportation of solid particles and powders, slurry transportation, fluid transportation and gas transportation.
Characteristics and advantages: high wear resistance, high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, good self - moistening, biological innocuity, unique low temperature resistance, not easy to scale, long life, easy installation, and other characteristics.
DN150 flexure rubber joint product introduction:
DN150 flexure rubber joint has good comprehensive properties for rubber, mainly used for lifting and transporting of raw water and sewage, pipeline transportation of water supply and cooling water, metallurgical industry, condensate water, chemical industry, cooling, dilution and other industry long and short distance pipelines in thermal power plants. Flexible connection. Wear resistant rubber has high wear resistance and is suitable for cryogenic transportation of granular and powdery and vapour bodies in all industries.
DN150 flexure rubber joint product advantages:
DN150 flexure rubber joint perfectly compensates for the difficult problem of single ball rubber joint because of its length. The suitable medium is air, compressed air, water, sea water, hot water, oil, acid, alkali and other chemical substances. The flanges used in the double sphere rubber joint are forged flanges, and the sphere adopts the internal seamless process. The oxidation resistance of the oxidant medium to the inner wall of the rubber is more effectively resist the oxidation of the oxidizing medium on the inner wall of the rubber, and the application life is increased. The maximum pressure of the double ball rubber joint is 1.6MPa and the maximum diameter is DN600.
Description of the use of DN150 flexure rubber joint:
When using DN150 flexural rubber joints for high-rise water supply, piping must have fixed support or fixed bracket, otherwise the product should be installed with anti pull device. The force of fixed support or bracket must be greater than the axial force, or should install anti pull off device.
DN150 flexure rubber joint installation method:
1.dn150 flexural torsion rubber joints shall not be installed at any time when installing.
2. mounting bolts to be symmetric, gradually tightening pressure, to prevent local leakage.
3.1.6MPa above working pressure, installation bolts must have elastic pad to prevent bolts loosening when working.
4. vertical installation of the pipeline joints at both ends should be verticalstress support, can take the escapement, in order to prevent work pressure.
The installation area of 5.dn150 flexible rubber joint should be far away from heat source. Ozone area. No strong radiation, light exposure and use of media that do not meet the requirements of this product are strictly prohibited.
6.dn150 flexure flexible rubber joints shall be strictly forbidden for sharp tools to cut the surface and sealing surface during transportation and handling.
7.dn150 flex flexible rubber adapter flange, please choose the special flange for butterfly clamp, butterfly flange, and avoid large flange flange.

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