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Flexible rubber joints play an irreplaceable role in pipelin

2018-04-14 16:13      click:
Flexible rubber joints play an important role in pipe connection.
Flexible rubber joints can be further divided into rubber soft connections, soft joints, flexible rubber joints, rubber expansion joints, shock absorbing larynx and shock absorbers. It is widely used in daily life. The flexural rubber joints play an important role in pipeline connection. Now let's see what advantages it has and make it have such an indispensable application.
The flexible rubber joint can be used to deal with different pipe systems depending on the material properties of its main rubber ball. High elastic rubber is used in the pipe with strong pressure. Gas or liquid is taken into consideration for gas tightness, and high gas tightness is required. Inside the rubber ball, the inner steel structure of the polyester cord fabric is added, and then the interior density is greatly strengthened through high temperature and high pressure molding. It can bear the pressure of the pipe, enhance the toughness and improve the deformation ability.
For larger displacement compensation capability and geological adaptability, the structure of torsion rubber joint is specially designed with high arc length and long curve. The displacement heat transfer stress can be compensated in some pipelines with subsidence amplitude and cold and heat alternation by using the elasticity and deformation of rubber. Shock and noise caused by valves, pumps and other equipment can also have a good weakening effect, and really achieve the transmission of environmental awareness. By reducing the shock of the pipeline, it can significantly affect the infection to the pipe shock to prevent the effective prevention of pipeline, the damage of the pump valve, the interior design of the product is smooth, the medium will not be obstructed, the loss of medium resistance will not be produced, the internal rubber will never rust, convenient and easy to maintain.

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