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Why do rubber joints appear tiny cracks in use?

2018-04-14 16:12      click:
Analysis of the cause of small cracks in the use of rubber joints in use: when the rubber joints are used in the process of daily production and life, it is found that the rubber joints have been used for a period of time after the installation of the ball flanges. How can we use and buy cheap products at the bottom? To analyze the cracking of rubber joints, we first analyze the causes of the cracking of the rubber joints.
1. we first check the strength of the joint part of the single ball rubber joint. If it is low, most of it is caused by the improper bonding method. Because the bonding method is incorrect, the strength of the rubber joint will be reduced, and the joint joint is easily cracked. Lack of length, insufficient number of steps, poor rubber performance of rubber joint or self sulphur failure, overgrinding of wire rope, rusting of wire rope and so on, the strength of rubber joint position will be discounted, and the joint part disconnects in use.
2. if the length of the joint is not enough in the use of the single ball rubber joint, the user will generally take a strong installation to make the rubber joint exceed the length of its connection. The shrinkage range of the rubber joint will also cause the rubber joint to crack.
3. when the rubber rubber joint of the single ball rubber joint is not good in the process of making vulcanization, the strength of the joint position will be discounted, and the joint part will be disconnected in use.
4., the single ball rubber joints are exposed for a long time, and the bad weather will cause cracks on the rubber joints.
5., when we install the single ball rubber joint, we will pull the tape at any other place of the pipeline, making the rubber joint beyond the expansion range and cracking. So there are many reasons for the cracking.

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