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Jinan ouyaruite Construction of enterprise culture system Take the "and" culture as a core.This "and" culture originates from Chinese traditional values.It embodies the core value of Jinan ouyaruite "joint efforts, innovation and win-win".It is the refinement of the advanced cultural value that promotes the rapid development of Eurasian Reiter in recent years.It is also the need for Eurasian Wright to create a harmonious, positive, healthy and upward atmosphere of organization, stimulate team vitality, enhance collaboration efficiency and enhance centripetal force, cohesion and competitiveness of organizations. As a mission of "leading the direction of the machinery industry and innovating the development path of machinery industry", we take the "leader in the machinery industry and the creators of social values" as our vision. The construction of "harmony" has distinct characteristics of the times. It reflects the ideal and unremitting pursuit of Eurasian Rhett to implement Scientific Outlook on Development and build a harmonious society and harmonious society.