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How to achieve shock absorption and compression compression

2018-04-14 16:17      click:
In the process of working, the pressure joint is unavoidable due to the transmission medium, and in the process of use, the medium flow itself has a certain kinetic energy, so the force transfer joint and pipe have been in the process of high pressure and vibration. The force connector has some influence on normal operation. So how does the transfer joint achieve compression and shock absorption?
Most of the force transmission joints are made of steel, and sometimes in order to ensure the quality of the force transmission joint, the thickness of the steel plate of the force joint will be thickened, so that the force transfer joint itself has certain compression ability. And in order to prevent the compression of the joint from welding or other problems to be reduced, the core parts of the force transmission joint are produced by direct casting. At both ends of the force connection, the joint flange is reinforced with multiple bolts. The purpose of this is to further enhance the compression ability of the force connection head. In addition to the phenomenon of the vibration of the force transfer joint, the connection of the flanges is used as far as possible when the connection of the force connection and the pipe is connected. And, in the connection part of the force transmission joint, if the competent customer, it is best to reinforce two times to prevent the joint from flushing or punching out because of the kinetic energy of the medium. Special attention needs to be paid.
The pressure and vibration of the force transfer joint have a great influence on the service life of the force transfer joint. These two factors can directly affect the normal use of the force transfer joint. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the pressure and vibration effect of the force transfer joint for the protection of the force connection joint.

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