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Jinan Ouyaruite Machinery Limited Company Specializes in the

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Jinan Ouyaruite Machinery Limited CompanyIt is a joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production of rubber products, metal products, auto parts, valves, pipe fittings and fan accessories.The company is located in the beautiful hometown of orange.Mr Koizumi has said the city of Mingshui County resident.From the south, North Jiqinggaosu line a few kilometers away,It's only 30 minutes to go to Ji'nan International Airport.It can be seen that the geographical position is superior, the people are outstanding, the traffic is convenient, and it is an ideal partner for business exchange and investment cooperation.Rubber product formula science,Advanced technology.There is a complete physical testing method.It has advanced electrical discharge CNC cutting machine, advanced automatic vulcanizing machine, automatic welding machine, kneading machine, CNC lathe, Longmen shearing machine, sawing machine, milling machine and other advanced equipment.

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