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KST-FL type flexural double spheroid rubber joint(Q/IATP-1-2

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KST-FL type flexural double spheroid rubber joint(Q/IATP-1-2002)
Product introduction:
 The product is composed of fabric reinforced double ball rubber nozzle and threaded pipe flange. It has many advantages, such as high pressure, good elasticity, large displacement compensation, good vibration and noise reduction effect, easy installation and long service life. It can eliminate the leakage phenomenon of products. It can be widely used in hotels, factories, residential areas of heating, refrigeration pipe system and circulating water pipes, sanitary pipes and other occasions. When installed, the natural length of the product is the size of the installation.
Material table:
Serial number
Material Science
Screw pipe flange
Malleable iron
Enhanced layer
Nylon cord or polyester cord
Bolt and nut
mild steel
technical conditions:
Working pressure1.6Mpa(16kg.f/cm2)
vacuum degree53.3KPa(400mm Hg)
Blasting pressure 4.8Mpa(48kg.f/Cm2)
Applicable medium
Water, sea water, hot water, air, compressed air, weak acid, weak alkali and other chemical substances.
Applicable temperature -20~+100℃
Deflection angle(a1+a2)45℃
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